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Welcome to my world

I navigate the critical intersection of human creativity and machine intelligence as a filmmaker, creative technologist and storyteller across different mediums. My work focuses on rectifying biases in digital and AI domains while blending African heritage and futurism with the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. Through these varied roles, I actively challenge ageist narratives in tech and society.

As a multifaceted storyteller, I adapt my medium to each narrative, seamlessly transitioning between written prose, cinematic visuals, and innovative technological solutions. My projects are deliberate fusions of artistic vision, lived experiences, and cutting-edge tech, designed to push boundaries and illuminate often overlooked perspectives.

By leveraging my diverse skill set - from crafting compelling scripts to directing evocative films and developing interactive AI experiences - I create stories that bridge diverse experiences across age groups and cultural backgrounds. Whether through a thought-provoking essay, an immersive short film, or an AI-powered installation, my work evokes emotions and sparks crucial conversations about our evolving world.

Through this intentional, cross-disciplinary approach, I strive to challenge biases, promote intergenerational understanding, and envision a future where digital spaces truly represent all ages and backgrounds. My creations are a call to action, inviting audiences to reimagine a digital future that honors our heritage, embraces our elders, and harnesses technology to tell richer, more inclusive stories.

Life is Art, Art is Life

Elder Series in motion